2019 Independence Care System Medicaid Support Services

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Why ICS for Medicaid support services?


You will benefit from our experience and track record of success, while also saving money.

  • We have submitted thousands of Medicaid recertifications and maintained a 97 percent approval rate.

  • We proactively identify and solve eligibility barriers.

  • Our expert staff speak the languages your members speak.

  • Our fully trained and HIPAA compliant staff are dedicated to member privacy.

  • ICS offers customizable fee schedules— you get what you need at the right price.

  • Outsourcing the management of eligibility/pooled trusts frees up resources to focus on top priorities.

  • Our fully automated system allows for real-time member Medicaid eligibility status information and monthly, or as needed, reports on your members’ status.

Keeping your members’ Medicaid active —and ensuring they remain enrolled— is challenging. We can help—and save you money!


Since 2000, Independence Care System (ICS) has helped people with physical disabilities and older adults live safely in the communities they love. Our Medicaid Specialists and Surplus Coordinators are experts who can help your current and prospective members remain or become Medicaid eligible, ensuring they receive critical services. This also enables your organization to maximize cost savings and premium.


When your members lose their

Medicaid, your organization loses money. For example, approximately 3 percent of managed long-term care plan members have their Medicaid “drop” each month. As a result, a plan with 6,500 members can easily lose over $800,000/month or about $10 million/year.

Maintaining a well-trained, knowledgeable staff is expensive. Let us save you in-house staff costs related to salaries, benefits, office space, and ongoing trainings.

Medicaid Certification Services


Having all needed and correct information before submitting your monthly premium roster saves time and money. ICS Services include:

  • Tracking annual recertification dates, while implementing controls and procedures to avoid interruption of members’ services

  • Working with members to ensure timely application completion

  • Providing alerts on any changes in members' coverage, including in the areas of: HMOs, legal name, SSI, gender, change of address

  • Application review (community Medicaid only) - gauging prospective members’ potential eligibility and assisting with applications

  • Gathering and submitting paperwork electronically, using customized software that enhances approval response times

Having processed thousands of new Medicaid applications while also handling thousands of recertifications each year, ICS has the experience, knowledge, and proven success to help your organization save money.

Surplus Management Services

ICS can provide your organization with access to a robust Medicaid surplus management system. With this you can have confidence in enrolling members with a surplus, knowing you will receive the full monthly premium for each member—throughout their enrollment. This is accomplished by setting up pooled income trusts or, as needed, invoicing and collecting surplus payments on behalf of your organization.

ICS support services in this area include:

  • Providing one-on-one member consultation on surplus income management

  • Eliminating Medicaid surplus liability by assisting members in pooled trust enrollments

  • Acting as a liaison between members and pooled income trust companies to solve any pending issues

  • Assisting with the required Disability Medical Review process


Keeping members’ Medicaid active and your organization receiving all eligible premium dollars is a double win.